It’s funny he’s right in front of you you’re looking at him and you see that he is slightly different than what you are used to and you say to yourself something is different something is a bit off but you want him to be the same you want him to be just like what you know so you pull out your black Sharpie and draw your future over his face you draw coffee cups full of Sunday mornings and long road trips across the bridge of his nose you draw and you draw but it still doesn’t look quite right so you keep drawing scribbling frantically the creases around his eyes that you want to watch grow deeper with time a little grey around the temples you draw and you draw and you cock your head and say still not right so you find more room under his shirt and you keep drawing under his collarbone pillow talk and you draw and you draw the accidents and the look you will give each other across a room full of people that no one else can understand you draw and you draw and under his heartbeat you draw the day you breakdown in his arms because your family is crazy and you know you will crack again because your family will always be crazy and you draw it because you want it to happen right here when it does you crumbling right here under his heartbeat and you keep on drawing the eyeliner that will run down your cheeks when you tell him he is not hearing you and that he doesn’t understand and you etch the fights into his ribs with the tip of that black sharpie tally marks and beauty marks you will memorize and you draw the night he will turn away from you because you hurt him and he can’t look at you and it will never be the same again and you stop because you realize you don’t want it to be the same you don’t want him to be the same and you put the cap back on the Sharpie and you stand back and look at all the lines and squiggles the map you’ve drawn of all the ones who have come before and you look and you realize you don’t want him to be the same and you think maybe just maybe a bit off is ok and maybe he will be different in all the right ways and maybe it’s time for you to put your Sharpie away.

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